Under the Swamplands

As the landscape of Vandria is rich with ancient ruins, there are many organizations aimed at adventurers who would seek to explore these locals and discover the lost treasures and other secrets therein. One of these secret societies is simply named The Black Network. At one point during your back story, each of you has been introduced into this organization. As new members, your access to information is still very limited, as you must prove yourself to the senior members of the network. Each of you has been fortunate enough to come across some secret information, however, and this is what has brought you together as a group.

Each of you has learned of a recent discovery in the swamplands to the south of the City of Darkharg. An entrance to what appears to be an ancient dwarven mine has been uncovered underneath the tangled marshes. Reports tell that it appears that it was a very prosperous mine, yet there are many signs of battle as the dwarves must have disturbed the creatures that lie beneath the earth as they tunneled. Writing found in an underground throne room is said to tell of a powerful war hammer wielded by the dwarven leader,which is credited for many victories over their attackers. It is possible that this and other treasure still await within the dark halls of the mine.



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