World of Vandria

Vandria is a single continent that is home to several independent city states. The largest of which are Leth Nurae, Arcanium, Len Varial, Halgarad,Dahknarg,and then there are several smaller cities and villages. An overland map is available in the maps section.

Trade routes run through the unsettled lands between the city states. Merchants and other travelers usually travel in large caravans for safety, as raiders frequently attack smaller groups using the trade routes.

Vandria is an ancient land, and the landscape is riddled with ruins. Legends speak of a great civilization of humans and elves that stretched across the entire land, centuries ago. Once ruled by benevolent kings, the kingdom fell under the tyrannical control of a bizarre cult of devil worshipers. Eventually internal strife and war fractured the once mighty civilization. and now the scattered ruins across the continent are all that remains. Little else is known of this kingdom, or the mysterious cult that caused its downfall, if the legends are true at all.


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