Quar (pronounced core) is a being of deep red cyrstal and has assumed a masculine form, though being a Shardmind he is neither male nor female.


Name Quar Class Psion Race Shardmind
Height 5 10 Weight 190 Age Indeterminate
Size Medium Speed 6 Alignment Unaligned

Ability Scores
STR 16
CON 17
DEX 10
INT 20
WIS 12
CHA 18

AC 15
REF 15

Trained Skills
Arcana 12
History 10
Insight 6
Perception 8

Common, Deep Speech, Primordial

Standard Adventurer’s Kit
Crystal Orb
Ritual Book

  • Tenser’s Floating Disk
  • Unseen Servant

Awakening to this world, Quar has the knowledge that his consciousness means that another Shardmind has fallen. Aware that there are beings of great power (Deities) in the vast beyond, he follows none for his purpose is greater. He is being forged from the Living Gate that is all the keeps the Chaos from overrunning the planes. As such it is his duty to gain as much power, so that when it is his time to fall (allowing for another Shardmind to rise) he will have added much strength and power to the defenses of the Living Gate and done his duty for all worlds.

He recognizes that while his duty is far more important that that of the mortals of this realm, to fulfill that duty requires the aid of those around him. As such he as aligned himself with this group for their goals, while more immediate and personal, align well with his and perhaps their help will allow him to reach his full potential.


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