to Len Varial

Urthadar goes on to inform you that Princess Maiar of the city state of Len Varial has sent messengers asking for an audience with you all. He does not know what is behind her summons, but the matter seems to be urgent. The road to Len Varial is long, but Urthadar can supply you food, water, and accommodations for the journey. He suggests you depart as soon as possible.

As you are preparing to leave, you are contacted by your agent from the black network. He informs you that your road to Len Varial passes near the site of some artifacts you have been seeking. The first such site is the dungeons beneath the ruins of the Gloomfrost Tower. This had been the tower of an archmage, rumored to have been driven mad by his dealings with the abyss in gaining his arcane knowledge. The dungeons underneath his tower were rumored to house portals to the abyss, from which demons and undead entered into his underground corridors. Also, tunnels underneath his tower are rumored to connect to the underground realm inhabited by evil drow and other monstrosities. Trafficking with these evil beings of all kinds soon came to an abrupt end, as the wizard was rumored to fall prey to the very demons he sought to control, and his tower was leveled to the ground. Adventurers still come to seek the entrance to the dungeons, and rumors persist that the halls are filled with demons and undead left behind in the wake of the catastrophe that occurred. Other inhabitants of the deep world are rumored to have been encountered as well. Among the treasure rumored to still be waiting there, the sword of Uruk (a shielding sword) is rumored to have been lost there.


The party returned to Darhknarg victorious, yet mourning the loss of one of their number. Upon returning, you give Urthadar the heads of Beruuk and Galasya, and give a report of how you fought your way past a black dragon and its kobold minions to descend into the tunnels of the moathouse, where you fought your way past orcs and goblins, and slew the orc chieftain. You tell how you interrupted an obscene ritual being held by beruuk, and of his demise, and how you found Galasya in the prison ward deep underground. You tell how the greig fell in combat with the succubus, before you overcame her minions and cut off her head. Urthadar thanks you for your services, and pays you the promised reward in gold. He also offers to help with whatever funerary arrangements are appropriate for the Greig.

In the days following, raiding on the areas nearby drops considerably, and no raiders are bearing the mark of Warlord Amcathra. One evening, Urthadar summons you to meet with him. He advises you that he has employed diviners in the effort to try to locate the warlords hidden base of operations. Although they have not been successful so far, they did manage to scry upon a scene that you may be interested in.

Urthadar escorts you to a private scrying room, where an old man in auburn robes directs your attention to a large cauldron of hot coals in the center of the room. The seer, pours water over the coals, and you see steam rising though the air, to form shadow images that begin form a clear picture. You see a well built man donning a helmet that unmistakingly identifies him as Amcathra. He seems to be addressing a large gnoll, and a particularly savage looking hobgoblin. “…operations in the region of Darknarg have come to a complete halt, due to the interference of this band of adventurers. They have destroyed our occucation of Midgard, in the dwarven mines, and have recently sacked our hidden base in the ruined moathouse. They have eliminated the leadership I placed in the region, including my former consort. Thus, I have determined that they must be tracked down and killed. If you can accomplish this, you will be rewarded greatly, and you will inherit the leadership position left vacant when I resume operations in the area around Darknarg. Can I count on you, huntmaster?”
The gnoll grimaces and says ”my pack will track them down, bring you their heads and gnaw the rest of their flesh from their bones” then he departs immediately.
The warlord turns to the hobgoblin, “and you, barbarian?”
“They will be easy prey for us”
then the hobgoblin leaves as well. The warduke turns to address someone out of sight of the scrying portal. “fear not, if they fail, I will simply sent my favorite pet to finish them off… as soon as she is done with more pressing matters.”
you see the warlord open a large gate to a pit ridden with humanoid and animal bones, then the steam clears and you are left looking at the seer, Urthadar, and each other.

more coming…

the temple

The party immediately encountered the white dragon and its kobold minions upon finding the ruined monestary. The white dragon proved to be no match for them. then, after clearing out some darkmantles and an ankheg, the party found that a wererat was using a back way out of the temple ruins as its lair, living off of the remains of the dragons victims. Exploring furtehr, The party enountered a group of hobgoblins and norkers bearing the mark of the Warlord Amcathrul, led by a human mage and a cleric of bane.

Upon returning to Darknarg, Regent Urthadar is happy to give you the promised reward, and listens to your tale. He has good news. His agents have discovered Amcathruls local base of operations is located at an abandoned moathouse to the east of the city. It is not known if the warlord himself is currently there, but it is known that his forces are led by a cleric of Bane named Hexen, an evil priest named Beruuk, and a seductress named Galasya (all are described in the NPC section). When Urthadar hears of Hexens demise at your hands, he is overjoyed. He says that both Beruuk and Galasya are believed to be hiding out in the tunnels that lie beneath the moathouse. As you have proved yourselves against the raiders time and again, Urthadar again offers you 100 gp a piece to attack the moathouse and bring an end to the raiding in the areas near Darknarg. He will accept Beruuk and Galasya as prisoners, if not their heads.

the ruined monastery

The party explored the remaining part of the keep, fighting a large group of goblins and hobgoblins in very close quarters, before discovering the rest of the lost treasure of the dwarves. Upon crossing the thresh hold with the treasure, the party was attacked by undead guardians from the scourge of ages past. After a long, hard fight, the party ascended from the tunnels back to the surface, having cleared Midgard of the occupying forces of Warlord Amcathra.

Upon returning to Darkhnarg, the guard at the city gates informs you that you have been summoned for an audience with Regent Urthadar, and you are escorted to his throne room in the capital at the heart of the city. Upon reaching his court, you see a young man sitting at a desk, with an empty throne behind him, displaying how he views his role as more of a statesman than a monarch. Ivory statues of former rulers line the walls.

He addresses you: “Thank you for answering my summons, I wanted to speak with all of you. It appears that we have a common enemy in Warlord Amcathra. News of your successes in the dwarven mines have reached me, mostly through the words of captured agents of Amcathra. Be assured that your band is making itself known to him. By defeating his minions and robbing him of his spoils, you have hurt his efforts to challenge the authority of the city states. As such, be assured that you have made targets of yourselves for his agents. Now, please know that you will find safe haven within my city walls.”
“Now I have a favor to ask of you. There is a problem on the snowy mountain pass to the north of the city on the route to Halgarad. I sent agents to investigate reports of a large white dragon preying on travelers on rout to Halgarad. My found that this indeed true, and tracked it back to a ruin located not far from the main road. Unfortunately, my men were ambushed by kobolds that serve the dragon, and one lone survivor returned to share this news with me. Although this threat does not appear to be connected to the Warlord, I will pay you 100 gold a piece to rid this dragon from the mountain pass.”

“One other thing, there are also strange reports of a “ratman”, seen looting In the same area, I will be interested in any additional information regarding this.”

After taking your leave, you are soon contacted by your agent of the Black network. He already knows of the offer given you by Urthadar, and goes on to give you information on the ruin where the dragon is believed to be residing. At one time a monastery had been located at the top of the mountain pass. This temple gained great renown for the healing powers of its clergy, and pilgrims would come from far and wide to petition for the healers to use their skills. Unfortunately, an agent of a mad god passing through the mountain pass cursed the monastery, and summoned an earthquake that ripped the mountainside, causing the temple to collapse. Great treasures are still rumored to be found there, and there have been many failed attempts to excavate, yet monsters that live in the mountains tend to ruin these projects.

return to the keep

While camping in the dark tunnels of the dwarven mines, the party is joined by two new adventurers who were following leads given by the black network to find the keep. Upon returning to the keep, the party decided to explore the unlit sections of the lower level, where they encountered some greenspawn sneak ambushers as well as some spiders. While the lurkers made good use of cover and the darkness to sneak attack members of the party, they were easily dispatched once the party got close enough for melee.

Venturing on, the party investigated the dark tower in the SW corner of the keep. Here they encountered a large group of kobolds led by a kobold spellcaster and a black dragon wyrmling. After a hard fight, the party cleared the tower of the kobolds. They discovered the black dragon had begun hoarding treasure, as they discovered a magic holy symbol and battle standard in his possession.

Both the kobolds and the greenspawn wore the markings of the warlord amcathra. Apparently, He had sent his minions down into the mines to find and occupy Midgard, while discovering its treasures. There remains one section left to explore…

the keep

Upon reaching the keep, Brug scouted it out and spotted a contingent of lizardmen guarding the courtyard. Therefore, the part was able to catch at least some of them by surprise. A very hard fight ensued, after which only half the party was standing. And unfortunatly, Brug was slain during the melee. With their resources taxed, the party retreated back in to the tunnels, to set up camp in some dark corner of the underground network.

The lizardmen were alll bearing the mark of warlord amcathra.

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last session

After taking an extended rest in the swamp outside the mine, the party entered again to further explore. They had been joined by a shardmind psion and a female goliath they had recruited to translate the dwarven writings they had found in the mine.

Exploring the catacombs yielded little of interest. shortly after, the party happened upon a large group of goblins that also wore the markings of the Warlord Amcathrul, who were busy rummaging through a set of rooms that must have been the dwarves living quarters. This battle was made easier by the shardminds area attacks.

the next battle proved tougher, as they were ambushed by an ettercap and 2 spiders that had come up from the tunnels to hunt. It was in this battle that the cleric showed amazing prowess at remaining unconcious.

after grabbing the rest of the loot, the party was ambushed by a group of bullywugs as they left the mine. Also working in the service of the warlord, the bullywugs were waiting to bully the goblins out of their spoils as they exited the mine. The cleric again proved invaluable as a sleeper unit.

after the battle, the party returned to Darkhnarg

descending into the mine

The various members of the party followed leads they received individually to converge on the dwarven mine. at the entrance they heard noises that sounded like many small humanoids that turned out to be kobolds searching some rooms near the entrance. After an ill fated attempt to investigate by the rogue, a hard fight ensued. After the dust settled, they noticed markings worn on the kobolds that were the trademark emblem of the warlord Ancathrul.

Shortly after they discovered a throne room and discovered a secret compartment in the throne that held the warhammer the rumors had spoke of. once the hammer was removed, however, undead were released from the crypts nearby to attack. the majority of the undead were consumed by the unyielding light of Pelor, and the fight proved an easy victory.

treasure found: dwarven chain armor phb 229
rousing hammer av2 95

Under the Swamplands

As the landscape of Vandria is rich with ancient ruins, there are many organizations aimed at adventurers who would seek to explore these locals and discover the lost treasures and other secrets therein. One of these secret societies is simply named The Black Network. At one point during your back story, each of you has been introduced into this organization. As new members, your access to information is still very limited, as you must prove yourself to the senior members of the network. Each of you has been fortunate enough to come across some secret information, however, and this is what has brought you together as a group.

Each of you has learned of a recent discovery in the swamplands to the south of the City of Darkharg. An entrance to what appears to be an ancient dwarven mine has been uncovered underneath the tangled marshes. Reports tell that it appears that it was a very prosperous mine, yet there are many signs of battle as the dwarves must have disturbed the creatures that lie beneath the earth as they tunneled. Writing found in an underground throne room is said to tell of a powerful war hammer wielded by the dwarven leader,which is credited for many victories over their attackers. It is possible that this and other treasure still await within the dark halls of the mine.


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